Homemade DIY to Improve Your Home and Make it Look Elegant


Are you willing to do homemade DIY to improve your home but finding it challenging which one to choose? In that case, you need not worry since we have compiled some excellent homemade DIY you can consider for your home to make it look elegant below.



Here are Some DIY You can Consider to Make Your Home Look More Elegant


Hang Some Small Jars Having Battery Candles

You can consider purchasing some cute glass jars, some ropes, and battery candles. Once you have them all, create a corner to hang them and light the candles whenever you feel like. 

DIY a Cloud Light

You can consider making a DIY cloud lamp. All you need are paper lanterns, pieces of cotton, a glue gun, and LED lights. Once you have them all, you need to glue the cotton on the paper lantern outer layer and leaving the top as it is. Afterward, you can place the LED lights inside the paper lamp. Lastly, find a place to hang the cloud lamp, and you are; all set to light the cloud lamp.

Paint on the Wall

Consider painting the wall. You don’t need to be an artist to paint your wall with decorative design. You can find thousands of tutorials and designs on Youtube of how you can paint the wall yourself. 

DIY Huge Decorative Mirrors

Huge decorative mirrors are undoubtedly the latest trend. However, it can be expensive to buy decorative mirrors. But, you can DIY your own decorative mirror easily. All you will need are a huge piece of plain mirror and the decoration you wish to place on the outline. For instance, you can fix the mirror on the wall; afterward, you can glue your preferred decoration on the outline, such as sands, shells, starfish, or anything you like.

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