What are the tips for connecting your gas cooker ?

Using a gas cooker is very simple. But before you use it, you need to know how it should be connected. Connecting it is not as easy as using it. So, a lot of care must be taken to ensure that this task is carried out successfully. How do you connect a gas cooker? Read this article, the answer to this question is waiting for you.

The essentials for connection

Before you connect your gas cooker, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you need to know that you will need gas. Whether it is city gas or bottled gas, it is mandatory. So, you will connect your gas cooker to one of these gases to ensure the cooking of your various dishes. To make the connection, you must use a hose. This is used to connect the gas and the cooker. There is also the injector, which is essential. There is one for town gas and another for bottled gas.

Steps to connect a gas cooker


Gas is a very dangerous thing. For this reason, before connecting it to your gas cooker, certain principles must be observed. The first is to check the shut-off valve. This check will tell you whether it is a standardised valve or not. If the stopcock complies with the applicable standards and requirements, you can make the connection with complete peace of mind. Next, you need to choose the pipe that will be used to connect the gas cooker and the gas. You have a lot of freedom to choose. You can choose between rigid, flexible and screw-in hoses. All three types of hoses have their own special features that must be taken into account when making a choice. The last step is the connection itself. You screw the hose onto the stopcock and connect it to the gas cooker. After connecting the hose, make sure that the screw is tight. It is recommended to tighten the hose with pliers after the installation is finished.


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